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Photo of Ethan Bolker Photo of Colin Godfrey Photo of George Lukas
Ethan Bolker
Professor (retired)
eb "at" cs.umb.edu

Combinatorics, Geometry, Performance Modeling of Computer Systems, Queueing Theory

Colin Godfrey
Associate Professor (retired)
colin.godfrey "at" gmail.com
George Lukas
Associate Professor (retired)
gl "at" cs.umb.edu
Photo of Joan Lukas Photo of Robert Morris Photo of Kenneth Newman
Joan Lukas
Emeritus Professor (retired)
joan "at" cs.umb.edu
Robert Morris
Emeritus Professor (retired)
ram "at" cs.umb.edu

Biodiversity Information Systems, Web Applications, Human Vision

Kenneth Newman
Associate Professor (retired)
kwn "at" cs.umb.edu

Performance Modeling

Photo of Patrick O'Neil Photo of Richard Tenney Photo of Robert Wilson
Patrick O'Neil
Emeritus Professor (retired)
poneil "at" cs.umb.edu


Richard Tenney
Emeritus Professor (retired)
rlt "at" cs.umb.edu

Networking, Process Control

Robert Wilson
Senior Lecturer (retired)
bobw "at" cs.umb.edu

Software Engineering, Embedded Systems