Debian on a Sotec 3123x

Debian GNU/Linux on Sotec 3123x/3120x

How to install Debian GNU/Linux on a Sotec 3123x Laptop. The same procedures shoud work on the Sotec 3120x Laptop. The only major difference between the two is the 2123x has a 30 Gig drive while the 3120x has a 20 Gig drive.

Booting Installation CD/DVD

Use the default 2.2 boot kernel. I was unable to get any of the 2.4 boot kernels to load. But, you can install a 2.4 kernel after the install is complete, which I recommend. You need to pass the following parameter to the default boot kernel to get it to load:

linux video=vga16:off

You will want to add this to your /etc/lilo.conf like so:

Otherwise the screen will display nothing when you reboot and scare the shite out of you. (Thanks to Dirk Eddelbuettel's webpage for help in this, see sidebar for link.)


You will need at least the following modules for a 2.4 kernel:
trident (for sound)
ac97_codec (for sound)
sis900 (for the build in NIC)
agpgart (for agp graphics support)
ide-scsi (to use the the cd-rw, and see below when I update this!)


Modem drivers are not available with the Linux kernel.But can be downloaded from the Smlink ftp site.

Select the latest tar ball and download. This will contain a binary plus code to allow one to link it to your current kernel. You'll need either the kernel sources or the kernel headers to compile the driver. Gunzip and untar the downloaded file and read the README file. Try using your modem and if it works add the modules to your /etc/modules file.

3D Graphics & OpenGL I'm working on it, will update when I get decent 3D graphics working