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Graduate Courses

CS612: Algorithms in Bioinformatics
CS615: User Interface Design
CS620: Theory of Computation
CS622: Theory of Formal Languages
CS624: Analysis of Algorithms
CS630: Database Management Systems
CS632: Database Models
CS634: Architecture of Database Systems
CS636: Database Application Development
CS637: Database-Backed Web Sites and Web Services
CS638: Applied Machine Learning
CS639: Semi-Structured Data and XML Documents on the Web
CS641: Computer Architecture
CS642: Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things
CS644: Operating Systems
CS646: Computer Communication Networks
CS647: Multimedia Systems
CS648: Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
CS651: Compilers
CS662: Document Preparation and Text Processing Systems
CS664: Image Processing
CS670: Artificial Intelligence
CS671: Machine Learning
CS672: Neural Networks
CS674: Natural Language Processing
CS675: Computer Vision
CS680: Object-Oriented Design and Programming
CS681: Object-Oriented Software Development
CS682: Software Development Laboratory I
CS696: Independent Study
CS697: Special Topics
CS698: Practicum in Computer Science
CS699: Research for MS Thesis
CS720: Logical Foundations in Computer Science
CS724: Topics in Algorithm Theory and Design
CS734: Database System Internals
CS738: Data Mining
CS739: Spatial Data Mining
CS741: High Performance Computer Architectures
CS750: Implementation of Very High Level Programming Languages
CS752: Parallel Programming
CS768: Color Science for Computer Graphic Applications
CS899: Research for PhD Thesis

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