CS430/630 Student Information

Name as on University ID: ______________________________________

Preferred email (Please print in capital letters, for example JOE@GMAIL.COM) : _____________________________________

Other contact info (optional):

Math background:  cs320?  other course? Specify: ________________

Check off on essential skills:

___ Can work with logical expressions like A AND (B OR C)

___ Understand precedence rules.

___ Understand set UNION, INTERSECTION, and Venn diagrams

___ Have some experience working with mathematical proofs

Java/Python/C++ background:  cs110? cs210? cs310?  other course? _______________

Your best language of these three: ________ (We'll be using Java)

Check off on essential skills, in any of these languages:

___ Ability to construct a new class from scratch for a given purpose.

___ Facility with arrays and Java ArrayList or Python Dictionary or C++ STL

___ Ability to code new methods as needed, with object parameters, etc.

___ Ability to add new fields to a class, and use in code.

___ Understand encapsulation, and thus the need to keep fields private.

___ Experience working with libraries and looking up their methods in API docs

___ Use of try/catch (try/except in Python) to handle exceptions. (We'll review this.)

___ Knowledge of C syntax: either from C itself or C++ or Java (Python doesn't have this syntax).