Javascript Resources

Tutorial at W3Schools

Tutorial and Reference: MDN

Get Started with Debugging JavaScript in Chrome
(this example has the same error on trying to load favicon.ico that we saw with a simple JS program on 9/20)

Using Chrome's Console for displaying data, including %o (and %O) syntax mentioned 9/20: Diagnose and Log to Console

Book examples for Purewal's book (see  pg. xvi):

Tbe book I showed on 9/20, which is great for understanding the language basics, esp. if you know Java, but doesn't cover EC6 features. A Software Engineer Learns HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery

From Radhika:

For intermediate, (The lectures are so hard to understand(100%) for me when I was listing initially).

These two books suggested by a guy who work in the industry I haven't read them completely yet , but I know that guy who suggested, So I can say it will be good.

Examples related to Purewal's book: dir (zip)