CS436/636 Student Information


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Database background:  cs430/cs630?  other course? ________________

Check off on essential skills:

___ SQL, including joins, group by, having, subqueries, insert, delete, update.

___ Primary and foreign key constraints: when and how to use.

___ Entity-relationship diagrams.

___ Concept of normalization.

Java background:  cs210?   cs310?  other course? _______________

Check off on essential skills:

___ Ability to construct a Java class from scratch for a given purpose.

___ Use of List and Set to hold objects, iterate through them.

___ Use of HashSet and TreeSet to construct Sets, ArrayList for Lists.

___ Use of Maps for key-value storage, HashMap and TreeMap for constructors.r

___ Use of interfaces to describe APIs (application programming interfaces).

___ Mechanics of making a class implement a given interface.

___ Static vs. object/instance methods and fields: when and how to use.

___ Use of try/catch to handle exceptions.