CS636 Class 18 Servlets and JSP

Hw4 is available, due Nov. 27, after Thanksgiving break (no class Nov. 22)

Also tomcatSetup.html and port assignments, for your tomcat site on topcat.

First example: servlet1---look at online, execute using ant.

Email List Servlet Example in Chapter 5: ch05email

Example in Murach Chap 5, pg 134-135: have a HTML/JSP form with ACTION= <URL for servlet>, so servlet executes on submit. 

This is almost the same app as ch02email in Chap. 2. index.html has been renamed index.jsp, but works the same. Also, the user input is validated, and if it doesn't pass validation, the form is shown again rather than the "thanks" page.

Look at Chap 5 slides (6pp).

This ch05email project is available at $cs636/ch05email, with a directory system compatible with eclipse web projects and a build.xml derived from the one for project servlet1.