CS637 Practice on Arrays: Solution

Example of ordinary array from text, pg. 315:
$names = array('Ted Lewis', 'Sue Jones', 'Ray Thomas');
Here $names[0] is 'Ted Lewis'; etc.

1. Create an array named $fruits with strings "apple", "pear", and "berries"

$fruits = array('apple', 'pear', 'berries'); // or use double quotes

2. Add another fruit name to the array

$fruits[] = 'bananas';

Example of associative array from text, pg. 321
$tax_rates = array('NC' => 7.75, 'CA' => 8.25, 'NY' => 8.875)'

3. What is $tax_rates['CA']?     8.25    count($tax_rates)?  3

4. Add another element to $tax_rates for state 'MA', rate 6.25:

$tax_rates['MA'] = 6.25;

5. Create a shopping cart item named $item with id 10, name "pencils", price 10.49. This should be an associative array with 3 keys, 3 values.

$item = array('id'=>10, 'name'=>'pencils', 'price' => 10.49);

6. We can create an empty cart with    $cart = array();
Write a line of code to put $item in the cart.

$cart[] = $item;

7. Write a loop over the items in $cart, adding up the prices into $total_price. Use foreach, as in this example for $tax_rates:
foreach ($tax_rate  as $rate) {
   echo '<li>$rate</li>';

but in this case the array item is $item, itself an associative array.

$total_price = 0;
foreach ($cart as $item) {
   $total_price += $item['price'];