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Intern at the FSF

Posted on: October 06, 2016
Company: Free Software Foundation
Job Title: Intern at the FSF

This is an educational opportunity to work with the organization that sponsors the GNU project, publishes the GNU General Public License (GPL), and fights for software freedom.

As an intern, you work closely with FSF staff members in your area of interest, such as campaign and community organizing, free software licensing, systems and network administration, GNU project support, or web development.

These positions are unpaid, but the FSF will provide any appropriate documentation you might need to receive funding and school credit from outside sources. We place an emphasis on providing hands-on educational opportunities for interns in which they work closely with staff mentors. Take a look at our past interns and some of their projects, focused on promoting GNU, launching the free Javascript campaign, contributing to Defective by Design, and updating the Email Self-Defense project.

We're looking for an intern to join us for the summer to be part of the process of refreshing the campaign's Web site and online presence. It'll be an exciting time, featuring opportunities to research and write text about the practical and ethical problems with software patents, be part of a video production project, and learn how an advocacy campaign builds a broad coalition across small business leaders, free software advocates, large corporations, and academics.


All applicants must be:

    * Open-minded and tolerant of others,
    * Able to work as part of a team, and
    * Interested in the ethical ramifications of computing.

Additional Info

The application period for spring internships is now open.

Deadline for applications: November 14, 2016

Next internship period: January 23rd to April 28th, 2017

Each position lasts for one twelve-week term. There are three terms: summer, fall, and spring. There can be some flexibility with start and end dates if necessary.

Any of the terms can be worked as either full time (forty hours per week) or part-time (twenty hours per week) positions. We will prefer candidates able to work full time, particularly during the summer term.

Contact Info

Send a letter of interest and resume with two references by e-mail to hiring@fsf.org. Make sure that your materials are in free software friendly formats (PDF and plain text work well), and include "Internship" in your subject line. If you can, please include links to sites you've made (personal blogs are okay!) designs or code you've done, and--most of all--things you've written. Please include these as URLs, though email attachments in free formats are acceptable too.

Please direct any questions about the program to info@fsf.org.

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