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Microsoft NERD Center Recruiting

Posted on: September 07, 2018

From Kristen Laird, a UMB CS major:


I hope your semester is getting off to a good start. I wanted to pass along a Microsoft opportunity for undergraduate and graduate CS, computer engineer, data science, and students from other related disciplines.

The local Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge is changing how they're recruiting university students, and as part of this the local lead recruiter has created a LinkedIn group for current students to join, which they can do here.

In the group, there's a conversations tab where Microsoft will post upcoming events, including a recruiting event on September 24 and a soon-to-be-announced resume workshop in October. There's also a jobs tab that has links to apply for jobs and internships. Summer positions can start filling up as early as October, so I encourage students to join this group, go the recruiting event on September 24, and apply early. From what I understand, they must be current students so these university recruiting events would not apply to recent graduates.

Additionally, this Microsoft LinkedIn group frequently hosts webinars on a variety of subjects, including tips on how to pass the technical interview that are extremely useful even for companies other than Microsoft.

For students with questions, I'm happy to talk about my internship experiences at Microsoft and I'll be joining Microsoft full time after graduation as part of the NERD AI team.


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