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Tanimoto Award for Outstanding Service Spring 2019

Posted on: April 22, 2019

Each year the department gives the Tanimoto Award to a graduating bachelor's degree student in Computer Science who has been helpful to his/her fellow students and who also has a strong academic record. I'm happy to tell you that this year the winner of the Tanimoto Award is Cristian Peguero. His citation reads:

It's Cristian Peguero's fondness for computers and programming that led him to pursue a bachelor's degree in computer science. He started his undergraduate studies at UMB in Fall 2015, and has taken many computer science courses since. His GPA clearly reflects his hard work and commitment to learning. Cristian's fantastic analytical and computational skills have landed him a job at Google, which is every programmer's dream. He is very excited about working full time for the tech giant. Cristian was an important member of the UMB team at the 2017 and 2018 Student Cluster Competition. Since Fall 2016, Cristian has been working as a lab operator and the webmaster of the department. As an operator, he has been of tremendous help to faculty, staff, and students in addressing their system/network needs. As the webmaster, he designed and implemented the current incarnation of the department website, and has been extremely prompt in updating the website with content from faculty and staff. Cristian also maintains the web portal that allows students to sign up for lab accounts, and has guaranteed its smooth operation. Cristian's academic excellence and contributions to the department make him an ideal recipient of the Tanimoto award.

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