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Using Predictive Models to Solve Business Problems

When: 02:00PM - 03:00PM , January 31, 2017

Where: CC-2-2545

Speaker: Dr. Jiang (Jay) Zhou


Will a new mobile phone customer pay her monthly bill? Is a check deposited into a bank customer’s account fraudulent? Will an insurance claim become expensive? For nearly two decades, Dr. Jiang (Jay) Zhou has been helping mobile phone service providers, banks, insurance companies and other businesses solve problems like these. The predictive models that he built have resulted in over $200 million savings for clients. In the seminar, Dr. Zhou will discuss topics including challenges and best practices when building these predictive models in real world environments.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Jiang (Jay) Zhou has nearly two decades of experience building predictive analytics solutions across industries including telecommunication, banking and insurance. These solutions have resulted in over $200 million savings for clients. Dr. Zhou has founded/co-founded 3 data analytics companies, i.e., Business Data Miners, ZSAnalytics and ?? (Smart Credit). He is the Chief Analytics Officer of ZSAnalytics and the Chief Technology Officer of??. Previously, he was a senior modeling engineer at Nestor, Inc., the chief statistician at Lightbridge, Inc., a vice president at Citizens Bank and a consulting member of technical staff at Oracle Inc. Dr. Zhou is the primary author of an award-wining scientific paper, "Using genetic learning artificial neural networks for spatial decision making in GIS" (Nov., 1996, PE & RS). His scientific paper titled "A wavelet transform method to merge Landsat TM and SPOT panchromatic data" (1998, International Journal of Remote Sensing) is one of the most cited in the field. Dr. Zhou obtained a B.S. from Zhejiang University, M.S. from Beijing University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut.

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