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Interested in becoming a Computer Science major? Below, you can find information regarding the admission process for our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Undergraduate Applicants

Admission requirements at this level are the same as the general admission process for all prospective UMass Boston students.

An application packet includes the following:

  • Completed admission application. Visit Undergraduate Admissions to fill out an online application or request a hard copy of the application

  • All official transcripts and previous academic record (high school and university if applicable)

  • Official copies of the SAT I or ACT score report if you have graduated within the last three years

  • A 500-word essay

  • Application fee of $60 for in-state residents or $100 for out-of-state residents.
    This fee cannot be refunded. Please send a check or money order, made out to the University of Massachusetts Boston. Also, online applicants pay with credit card, not check or money order.

For international students we also request:

  • For students applying for an F-1 visa, you are required to complete and submit the Declaration and Certification of Finances form showing evidence of your ability to finance your education and living expenses during your stay as a student at UMass Boston. Your ability to document the funding available to you is a necessary part of your application for an F-1 student visa

  • Certified letter of support from your sponsor stating that your financial expenses will be handled during your duration of study at the university

  • Return Certification of Finances form with a letter of support (in English) from your sponsor(s), unless you are using personal funds, stating the undertaking of all expenses for the duration of your studies here at the university. Also, include a current copy of your sponsor's bank statement.

For more information regarding admissions please visit the UMass Boston Undergraduate Admissions web page.

For information regarding tuition and fees please visit the Bursar's Office web page.

Graduate Applicants

Admission requirements at the graduate level are more specifically tailored to the department. The masters program is designed to accommodate students with a wide range of backgrounds. Therefore, an undergraduate degree in any discipline will be considered. Each applicant's background in Computer Science and Mathematics will be assessed individually and requirements for making up deficiencies in the major will be determined at an initial interview. General Computer Science undergraduate prerequisite courses include CS115L or CS110, CS210, CS240, CS310, and CS320L. Other undergraduate courses may be necessary, depending on the background and experience of the candidate. For the PhD program, we require that the applicant have a degree in the Computer Science field.

Masters and PhD applications are accepted in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Below are the materials requested for a graduate application packet:

  • Completed admission application. Visit Graduate Admissions to fill out an online application or request a hard copy of the application

  • An official transcript from each institution attended (graduate and undergraduate), even if credits appear as transfer credit on another transcript. The transcript(s) must demonstrate a minimum cumulative grade point average in undergraduate work of 2.75, and a bachelor's degree from a college or university of recognized standing. Each transcript must be in the mailing institution's original sealed envelope.

  • Submission of official copy of the General GRE test scores; a score of 155/170 is recommended in the quantitative section

  • Two letters of recommendation from people who have worked closely with the applicant in an academic, professional, or community service setting. These letters should include specific information about the applicant's abilities and performance. Letters of recommendation should not be written by friends or family members of the applicant. If possible, at least one letter should be from a faculty member at an institution where the applicant has been enrolled and who is familiar with the applicant's academic work. It is strongly suggested that the two letters of recommendation comment on differing aspects of the applicant's abilities and performance, and that they be current, directly addressing the applicant's present ability to do graduate work

  • Statement of interests and intent. Please submit, with your application, a typed two-part essay. In the first part (up to 300 words), give your reasons for wishing to pursue graduate study. In the second part (at least 1,200 words), indicate your specific interests, and discuss the kind of work you would like to do in the Computer Science field

For international graduate applicants we also request:

  • Official transcripts of the applicant's academic record, including courses and grades, with English translations of each page validated by an official public translator, must be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions

  • Evidence that the applicant has completed a university-level degree program must be submitted. Acceptable evidence includes official copies of diplomas, certificates, and notifications of final examination results

Applicants from countries where English is not the primary language are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A score of at least 550 (on the paper-based exam), or at least 213 (on the computer-based exam) is required. International English Language test (IELTS) score for computer Science is 6.0. Information about the TOEFL may be obtained from the TOEFL Program, Box 899, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540, USA. This requirement may be waived if the applicant has attended an English-speaking college or university in the United States for a period of at least two academic years full time. The TOEFL will also be required of permanent resident immigrants who have not attended an English-speaking educational institution for at least two years full time

  • Declaration and Certification of Finances form must be completed, along with an affidavit of support from the student's sponsor and documentation from the sponsor's bank, based on an estimate of institutional costs and living expenses. These must be original documents. Submitted documents will not be returned; applicants should be sure to make copies for their own records. The Office of Graduate Admissions will send the form to applicants who do not already have one as soon as their applications are received. The form must be completed accurately, and must show that the total funds available to the student cover his/her program of study are at least equal to the total estimates of institutional costs and living expenses

  • Applicants who hold an I-20 issued by another institution must also submit a Transfer Verification form properly completed by the International Student Advisor at the institution currently being attending or most recently attended

Below is an estimate of a single graduate international student's annual expenses. Students should keep in mind that these cost estimates for living expenses are minimum estimates for a 12-month period and that, depending on the individual, actual costs may be higher. Students must be prepared to pay their own expenses and should anticipate yearly increases in both tuition and living expenses. Transportation to and from the United States is not included in the estimates.

Fees (including health insurance)$20,660.00
Room and Board$10,200.00
Books and Supplies$860.00
Personal Expenses (Miscellaneous)$3,000.00

For more information regarding admissions please visit the UMass Boston Graduate Admissions web page.

For information regarding tuition and fees please visit the Bursar's Office web page.

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