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Computer Science Minor

The CS minor program provides an education in the core courses of Computer Science.  It adds to the attractiveness of other majors by improving a graduate’s job opportunities post-graduation in an increasingly high tech society.

Minor in Computer Science requirements:

  • CS110, MATH140, CS210, CS220, CS240, and CS310.   
  • One CS elective at the 300- or higher levels.
  • A minimum 2.0 GPA of the courses for the CS minor is required.

Many students who are studying within the College of Science and Mathematics will complete some of these courses to complete their major requirements.  Students who are studying Computer Engineering, in particular, will need to complete one CS elective to obtain a CS minor.

The Computer Science Department does not offer winter courses; we only offer classes during Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. We currently do not offer online courses. The minor typically requires 4 semesters due to prerequisites. We do not allow students to take requisites out of order. The schedule is as follows:

1st semester – CS110 & Math140
2nd semester – CS210 & CS240
3rd semester – CS220 & CS310
4th semester – (CS elective)

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