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Funding Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Litton and Brann Scholarships: There are two kinds of endowed scholarships available to Mathematics, Computer Science and Physical Science majors

  1. There are two tuition* scholarships that were established by Litton Industries in 1992. They are awarded to undergraduate students who will be at the junior or senior level in the coming fall semester
  2. There are two more tuition* scholarships that were established by Alton J. Brann. They are awarded to undergraduate students who have a minimum of 30 credits but no more than 90 credits

In both areas the selection of the scholarship winners will be based primarily upon the student’s scholastic achievement and character. Financial need will not be a primary factor.

Qualified students may apply directly or may be nominated by a faculty member. Applications and nomination must contain both a letter from the student stating his or her goals and aspirations and a letter from a faculty member who has reviewed the student’s qualifications for the award. There is no special application form but we do ask that the student’s letter include: his/her name, resident address, resident phone number, email address (optional), major and student ID number. The last mentioned item is especially needed so that we may obtain a transcript from the Registrar’s office at the end of the spring term.

All applications or nominations with letters should be sent to Department of Mathematics. and can be reached by voice mail at 617-287-6440.

Litton Industries, based in California, is a technology-based company applying advanced electronic products and services worldwide to defense, industrial automation and geophysical markets. Alton Brann is the Chairman and CEO of Western Atlas, Inc., which is one of the major branches of Litton Industries. He was a member of the first graduating class of this University, receiving his degree in mathematics in 1969. He has gone on to become one of America’s leading corporate executives. In that capacity he has assumed a leadership role in the support of public higher education in California. These scholarships demonstrate the loyalty and affection of this alumnus for his own public undergraduate institution, the University of Massachusetts at Boston. He has also founded a chair of mathematics and science here.

* Please note that each tuition scholarship is roughly for the amount of tuition that a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would pay and it does not include any fees and it does not match what a non-resident would have to pay.

Lab Operators: Since all Computer Science majors have an account in the UNIX lab, it is one of the most utilized resources in the department. The lab has student support staff available 7 days a week to address any questions from students. As support staff you will work 10 to 20 hours a week and receive a bi-weekly payroll check. If interested, please contact William Perry.

Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

The department offers competitive funding to its graduate students. Most applicants who are admitted to our PhD program will be offered funding. Since the outcomes of fellowship competitions are often not determined at the time of acceptance, A significant number of the applicants to our masters program will also be considered for funding. Graduate students are typically employed as teaching assistants, research assistants, lab consultants, or course lecturers. For information on available positions, please visit the announcements webpage.

Other Funding Opportunities

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