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In order to qualify for desirable industry employment and strong graduate programs in computer science, students of the BS in Computer Science Program will:

(1a) demonstrate proficiency in problem solving, software design and development, data structures, algorithms, computer organization and computer architecture;

(1b) apply this proficiency to larger (mid-sized) systems (such as compilers);

(1c) write programs, document programs and test programs, in a variety of programming languages, supporting different programming paradigms;

(1d) be proficient in at least one (in-demand) programming language;

(1e) learn to deal with different operating systems and computer architectures;

(2a) understand and work with some of the important theoretical underpinnings to computer science;

(3a) demonstrate the ability to understand, write about and speak about the social and ethical issues of computing;

(4a) write about their programs and issues related to computing;

(4b) orally present material related to computing;

(4c) work effectively in teams.

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