Problems and fixes for the online SAPCs available via mtip on ulab.

Keywords: SAPC, mtip, reset, download, reset server.
Courses: cs341, cs444, cs644

Reported problem: an online SAPC cannot be reset by ~r in mtip.
PCs in hardware lab: Start with step 3 below.

Background:  How to do ~r (the mtip reset command) in mtip for a 
certain system (on ulab only), say system 3, or "board 3"
Normal sequence:

   u13% mtip -b 3            --or 1 or 2 or ..., the board no.
   ~resetting board 3!       --you type ~r, reset service outputs rest
	 --wait 12 seconds for PC reboot
   Please confirm ...        --first output from the board: Type CR

If mtip is not in your path, do "module load ulab" and try again.

Fixing most cases:

1. Try ~r yourself, on any board.
   If you see "No ack of SOH in 5 tries--reset server hung!!"
   First (if possible) power-cycle the reset server in S/3/142, high
   on the metal shelves at the back of the room.  If still in trouble,
   use mkill to kill all the processes using mtip and its helper,
   rserver_client.  Just run "mkill" and answer "y" to all questions 
   about killing processes.  This can be done without privileges.  It only
   kills mtip and related processes, not any other user processes.

2. If ~r gives no abnormal output, the reset server is probably ok.
   (Normal output: "~resetting board 3!", for board 3)
   Try ~r on the reported board, to make sure the user provided the
   right board number.  If the board gives no output, it has probably
   lost its saved BIOS configuration information or has some other 
   hardware problem.  If *no* system gives any output, even after ~r,
   or mtip won't even connect completely, then suspect the Portmaster.
   Go to step 4.

3. Confirmation of individual system problem: Find the physical system in
   the hardware lab (number on upper rim).  Turn it off and on again.
   If it still doesn't work, go to 5.

4. Fixing the Portmaster.  It is in S/3/142. It can be power cycled.

5. If the fixes here don't work, report by email to jlentz and eoneil.

6. In any case, log problem as usual as a system problem. 

Fixing lost BIOS configs on a PC.

   If the PC beeps *twice* when powered up, it has lost its configs
   (or worse).  If it beeps once but doesn't work for users, something
   else is wrong.

   Connect keyboard and monitor to SAPC.  Power on while typing DELETEs
   until you hear a buzz.  Now you see the full BIOS menu for configs, 
   unless something else is wrong. Find the menu item to reestablish the 
   factory defaults and confirm it, and then ESC to get you back.
   In some cases, more CRs may be needed to confirm special questions
   the BIOS feels it needs to ask you.  Just take defaults, but don't
   set passwords or any other security feature!  When in doubt, just
   power-down and report the problem.

Fixing a hung terminal controller.  

 The SAPCs and the reset server are all connected to ulab by 
 the Portmaster terminal concentrator.  This is a separate box on the
 Ethernet from ulab, so we should not have to reboot ulab to fix it.
 It can be separately power-cycled.  It is in S/3/142 on the same
 set of metal shelves as the SAPCs.

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