I am a lecturer in Computer Science at University of Massachusetts Boston. I received my PhD in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts Boston in 2014.

My research interests are in better understanding protein-protein interactions through modeling of conformational changes in protein chains and protein-based assemblies. I have published several papers in peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings. I received the UMass Boston Department of Computer Science Research Excellence Award in 2012.

Besides my research in computational biology, I also co-authored a compilers textbook, Introduction to Compiler Construction in a Java World (CRC Press, 2012).

Finally, I am the founding president of Women in Science at UMB, and the recipient of the Beacon Graduate Student Leadership Award in 2014 for my efforts in promoting female students in science related areas.

Bahar Akbal-Delibaş, PhD


Department of Computer Science

University of Massachusetts Boston

100 Morrissey Blvd.

Boston, MA 02125

abakbal “at” cs.umb.edu