Welcome to Bob Wilson's Home Page

I am a retired Senior Lecturer in the UMB Computer Science Department. I earned my BSEE and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. My graduate work was funded by a National Science Foundation Fellowship.

For over 12 years, I taught the "Introduction to Computing in Java", "Data Structures", "C Programming", and "Computer Architecture and Organization" courses. For service to the CS department, I was the Undergraduate Program Director, CSM Senate Representative, and on various department committees. I may be teaching part-time in the future. If so, my semester schedule will be shown below.

Prior to starting at UMB in 2002, I had retired early from a 30+ year career in industry. As a software engineer and a software development manager, I worked for the USAF, Honeywell, The Codex Corporation, and Motorola. My experience is predominantly in developing and testing embedded systems, network products, and communication protocol software. While working in industry, I was also teaching part-time for the Northeastern University State-of-the-Art Engineering Program in Dedham and Burlington.

Contact Information

My primary email address: Robert.Wilson "at" umb.edu

My backup email address: bobw "at" cs.umb.edu

Advising Information

If you need advising and/or a new department advisor, please contact the current Undergraduate Program Director, Ming Ouyang (ming 'at' cs.umb.edu), or the department office staff.