CS 110: Introduction to Computing with Java

Lab 10


Study the Lecture Slides for Lecture 27.  Learn how an Applet works.


This lab should be a lot of fun!  Develop and run your own Java applet.  The files containing an HTML web page that invokes an Applet and an outline of the Java source code for the applet are in this file: Lab10.zip.   As always, unzip the Lab10 directory and create a Dr Java project file in the directory.  Compile the project and run it by opening the HTML file with your browser.  It should say “Hello World!” in the upper left corner.

Add some calls to Graphics class methods in the screen object to decorate your Applet display.   Try some geometric shapes and with different colors.  Demonstrate your finished Applet to the TA before the end of the lab session to get credit for completing this lab.  Because this is the last week of the course, there is no lab report to submit next week.

Good luck to you and I may see you in later CS courses as you continue your education here.