Forwarding Mail from Unix

Create a file in your UNIX home directory. The file must be named .forward (a period and the word forward). The contents of that file should be the address where you want your email sent. Example (bold items are the ones I typed):

Use SSH communications Secure Shell to login to your UNIX account.

blade64(1)% pwd

blade64(2)% cat > .forward
(After typing the email address and enter key, hold down the Control key and type the letter d.)

blade64(3)% cat .forward

Explanation: I first entered a 'pwd' command to make sure I was in my home directory. Next I used a special 'cat' command to create the .forward file I need. I typed the email address, enter, and CTRL-D to close the file. Finally, I just checked my work by typing out the file with a normal 'cat' command to verify its contents. Send an email to your email address to verify that you receive it at your forwarded email address.