CS 320L/Math 320L


Fall 2015

Applied Discrete Mathematics                                                                  Colin Godfrey

This course meets Tu Th from Sept 8, 2015 to Dec 10, 2015, 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm in M-1-207.

office hours: Tu 7 - 8, and by appointment.            office: M-3-607

phone: (office) 617-287-3827. The best way to reach me is email.                    

email: colin.godfrey [at] umb [dot] edu

course schedule: http://www.cs.umb.edu/~cgodfrey/F15/cs320scheduleF2015.html

Please read ahead before every class so you can follow the discussion.  It is important for you to do lots of homework and play around with the exercises so you can keep on top of what we are doing. We will generally have a 15 minute quiz on Thursdays to help you keep up to date.

Prerequisites:  CS 110 and Math 260 (Linear Algebra), or permission of the instructor.
CS 320 is a course designed to help you begin learning mathematical ideas that are useful in computer science.


Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (Seventh Edition)
Kenneth H. Rosen (WCB McGraw-Hill) ISBN978-0-07-338-309-5
The book is available at the campus bookstore and other bookstores and on the web.

Grades:      Homework will be assigned regularly, probably weekly.  There will be some to turn in for grading, and some to do on your own. Be sure to save a copy of all your graded work so you can check your grades at the end of the semester.

Homework 10%    


Two hour exams 20% each
Final exam 40%

The exam dates will be announced in advance.

There will be no makeups for missed exams (except by prior arrangement or in case of emergency)

Incompletes:  A grade of incomplete is given only if you miss the end of the course (e.g. final exam) for some serious reason and you have a passing grade up to that point.  This is departmental policy.  Incompletes are given only when an agreement on how to make up the incomplete has been reached and an incomplete form has been signed.

Getting Help.  Feel free to phone or email me if you have questions or problems.  Itís good to ask others when you have problems you canít figure out.  However, your homework assignments should be your own work.  Turning in someone elseís work as your own cheats you of the experience you need in order to learn.  Plagiarism gets you an F. But this should not happen.