Future Perfect

This Project provides the user for a 3D Virtual Gaming experience by using the tool Unity_3D, Oculus. The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality is used to view and play the Skating Game. The users will be able to view the Gaming Environment using the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality. The Gaming software provides the users with the skate Board which can perform many functionalities such as moving, Flip Skateboard Tricks and slide skateboard Tricks, Ramp and Foot plant Skateboard tricks.

Project Screenshots

Red round shape Red round shape Red round shape Red round shape Red round shape Red round shape

The Team

Chris Qu
Computer Science Department
Video games,game design,programming. My primary research interest is 3D graphics.

Kai Lin Chang
Computer Science Department
Taking photos Hiking Coding in Java and C++

Senthil Palanivelu
Computer Science Department
Interested in Linux and Open source software development

Howard Kim
Computer Science Department
BI Developer

Video Demo