HandShip! is game made that was developed using Libgdx API and Leapmotion API and users can play the game using either their left hand or right hand. It is a very interactive, fun game in which you have two kinds of missions: Reach the Goal! Or Destroy the Boss! As you play your missions, make sure you:
1.Donít Touch the walls, or your Spaceship will be destroyed 2.Avoid Damage by avoiding bullets, obstacles and enemies 3.Get a higher score by not getting damaged and by avoiding shooting your bullets. The controls of the game are so easy and here is how you can play:
1.Set your hand in the middle of the LeapMotion Device. Move your hand left,right, up or down from the middle of the LeapMotion in order to move your Spaceship accordingly. 2.Move your hand away from the LeapMotion to pause the game 3.Shoot by keeping your hand open, close your hand to stop shooting. 4.On the Game Menus, you can click buttons by quickly opening and closing your hand.

Project Screenshots

Prototype Screenshot Menu Screen Change sensitivity of leap motion Different game level How to Play the Game Beginning of a level Some other level Some other level End of Screen Fight With a Boss

The Team

Eric Santana
Computer Science Department
team Leader
Game Developer
Level Designer
Input Specialist
Passionate about Making Video Games and Programming

Kenneth Chan
Computer Science Department
Menu Designer
Game Developer

Keith Luxeus
Computer Science Department
Menu Input Designer
Software Developer

Punit Patel
Computer Science Department
Game Level Designer
Web Developer

Janmeshkumar Patel
Computer Science Department
Web Developer and Python Lover

Video Demo