Project Name

OvO is a Grocery Shopping List app like none before...

Slice and Dice: In a hurry? Look up a Recipe, there's just about 350,000 of them to choose from... Simply Search and have the Recipe at your fingertips!

Bake-it-all: OvO has the capability to store an unsurmountable number of Grocery Lists, make one for each day of the year... and then combine them in infinite ways to create the best dynamic list for that long overdue Grocery Trip.

Pre-Heating: About to go shopping with OvO for the first time? OvO is built with a common go-to groceries list, just simply tap to check/uncheck an item you are interested in and your first list will be generated in seconds.

Project Screenshots

The Team

Omar Khan
Project Lead
Computer Science Department

Thiago Amaro
Adapter Designer
Computer Science Department

Ruth Hatch
DB Developer
Computer Science Department

James Quach
Theme Designer
Computer Science Department

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