U-go is an android application meant to provide navigational information to visitors and new students to the UMass-Boston campus. U-go has two major components. The first is a wifi signal strength triangulation system meant to provide location information to users who are inside of buildings and don't have access to GPS. This system can provide an approximate location inside of on-campus buildings by measuring the strength of wifi signals from the known wifi access points. U-go's second component is a system that displays a satellite map of the UMass-Boston campus and gives the user the option to show the route and distance between major buildings.

Project Screenshots

Map with path and distance displayed Indoor map of on-campus building Main user interface Choose source and destination menu Display of currently detected access points Map with a marker label

The Team

David Zhang

Computer science major, plans to graudate in 2016.

Yimy Romero Perez

Computer science major, academic interests include computer graphics and user interface development

David Liu

Computer science major, academic interests include computer networking and wireless technologies

Josh Gartman

Computer science major, physics minor, class of 2015