Beacon Books

The Beacon Books project was created in order to provide an easy to use experience for UMass Boston students to search for textbooks and compare prices, as well as giving them the ability to sell a book locally. The application allows students to search by course & section, upload their class schedule file, or search by a book's ISBN number. The student will be presented with a list of books for their courses and able to compare prices using the UMB Bookstore, Amazon, eBay, and local student listings. This project was aimed to save students money on expensive textbooks by presenting them with multiple buying options.

Project Screenshots

homepage_main_img buy_screen_img uploaded_schedule_img buying_listing_img sell_form_img mylistings_img

The Team

David Lowery
Computer Science Department
David is a Software Engineer at Harvard University working in Java on a data curation and quality control web application

Joe Dollard
Computer Science Department
Joe's a System Software Engineer who works at a Cambridge based networking company. He primarily writes code in python under linux.

Aadish Shah
Computer Science Department
Aadish a Software engineer who is pursuing masters in computer science from university of massachusetts boston. He writes code in java and C++

Harsh Shah
Computer Science Department
Harsh was working as an Android Developer at Rockers Technologies in India and currently he is studying Master in Computer Science in University of Massachusetts Boston. And I can write code in java, c# and also SQL and PL/SQL queries.

Mohamed Camara
Computer Science Department
Computer Science major who loves writing code in Java

Brent Mannarino
Computer Science Department
Developer at Velir in Somerville, MA specializing in C#, .NET development.

Video Demo