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CS 437/637 Database-Backed Web Sites and Web Services
Fall 2014

Dr. Wei Ding


  1. A simple JavaScript example
  2. Dialogs
  3. Variables
  4. Operators
  5. Functions
  6. Conditional Statements
  7. Looping
  8. Form Object
  9. Computing Loan payments with JavaScript
    Another version with the JavaScript file (loan_calcuation.js) included: Computing Loan payments with JavaScript
  10. Regular Expressions
  11. Form Data Validation
  12. Object referencing: How to access and change the inner text of an element
  13. onfocus and onblur events
  14. Dynamic styles
  15. onmousemove event


  1. Style Sheet Demo CSS ZEN Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
  2. A simple CSS example
  3. External Style Sheets (css_blueBoldH3.css, css_redItalicH2.css)
  4. Internal Style Sheets
  5. A simple CSS <span> example
  6. A simple CSS <div> example
  7. The class attribute (paragraph.css)
  8. Style pseudo-classes (pseudoClasses.css))
  9. CSS Lists
  10. CSS Backrounds
  11. CSS Text
  12. CSS Fonts
  13. CSS Borders, Margin, and Padding
  14. CSS Positioning


  1. An HTML5 example
  2. HTML5 section Element
  3. HTML5 article Element
  4. HTML5 nav Element
  5. HTML5 aside Element
  6. HTML5 header Element
  7. HTML5 footer Element
  8. HTML5 figure and figcaption Elements
  9. HTML canvas tag
  10. Canvas Text
  11. Canvas Images
  12. HTML5 Drag and Drop Example
  13. Coding an HTML 5 Layout from Scratch


  1. XHTML 1.0 Strict Template: xhtml_template.html


  1. A simple XML example: note.xml, an XML document example.
  2. An XML document with an internal or external DTD (note.dtd), an XML validator.


To find out the source code of HTML files, first let the browser display the page you want to view, then simply click on the VIEW option of your browser toolbar and then select SOURCE (for IE) or PAGE SOURCE (for Mozilla Firefox).

  1. A simple bare-bone HTML document
  2. Basic HTML Tags
  3. HTML Links
    1. Set a link from document A to a specific section in another document
    2. Links to specific sections within the current document
  4. Lists
  5. Character Entities
  6. Tables
  7. An HTML Form


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