CS 437/637 Database-Backed Web Sites and Web Services

Term Project Phase I
(100 points)

Assigned Date: Monday October 27, 2014

Due Date: 5:00 PM, Monday November 3, 2014

Educational Goal:

Implement a real world three-tier ecommerce website.


Requirement Analysis (100 points)

  1. (45%) Create a plan for an ecommerce website you propose to build including the following:
  2. (45%) Implement a proof-of-concept web page. Do not implement any sever-side functions at this stage. You need to
  3. (10%) Prepare one PPT slide of two-minute presentation to discuss the ecommerce website in class.

Submission requirements:

Phase II (100 points)

Assigned Date: Monday November 3, 2014

Due Date: 5:00 PM, Monday November 10, 2014