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CS 437/637 Database-Backed Web Sites and Web Services
Tentative Course Schedule 
Spring 2014

Dr. Wei Ding

The course schedule is tentative. Actual contents to be covered depend on progress.
Lecture notes can be downloaded through your UMass Blackboard Vista  account.

Section 01: Tuesday & Thursday 04:00 PM - 05:15 PM Class Number:4021/4022/19735
McCormick 2nd floor M02-0404
Weeks Meetings Topic Readings & Handouts Examples & Web Resources
1.  Jan 28  Course Administration  
 Jan 30  Introduction to Web Application Development  Slides: Introduction to Web Application Development
2.  Feb 4  HTML & XML& XHTML  Slides: HTML & XML & XHTML
 Feb 6    
3.  Feb 11  HTML5    Slides HTML5
 Feb 13    
4.  Feb 18      
 Feb 20    
5.  Feb 25  CSS   Slides: CSS
 Feb 27  Invited Speaker: Matthew Ciampa    
6.  Mar 4     Standards for developing flexible, durable, and sutainable HTML and CSS
 Mar 6   JavaScript  Slides: JavaScript  
7.  Mar 11  JavaScript
 Pre-Midterm Exam Review
 Slides: Regular Expressions  
 Mar 13 Midterm Exam   The Official US Time
8.  Mar 18  Spring Vacation (no class)    
 Mar 20  Spring Vacation (no class)    
9.  Mar 25  Post-Midterm Exam Review    
 Mar 27  HTTP  Slides: HTTP How HTTP Works
10.  Apr 1  ASP.NET: Laying out the foundations  Slides: Laying out the foundations ASP.NET Tutorial
 Apr 3      
11.  Apr 8  ASP.NET: Creating the Product Catalog  Slides: Creating the Product Catalog  
 Apr 10      
12.  Apr 15      
 Apr 17      
13.  Apr 22      
 Apr 24      
14.  Apr 29  Ruby on Rails  Slides: Ruby on Rails A tutorial on how to deploy a rails application to Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Learn Rails by Example)
Try Ruby (Interactive Ruby ready)
Learn Rails the Zombie Way
Ruby on Rails Guides
Programming Ruby (The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide)

Ruby APIs
Rail APIs

Best Sites Built with Ruby on Rails
Big Name Companies Using Ruby on Rails

Reference Book (free online): Ruby Essentials
Reference Book: The Ruby Programming Language
Reference Book: The Rails 3 Way
 May 1      
15.  May 6      
 May 8  Final Pre-Exam Review    
16.  May 13  Final Exam    
 May 15  PHP (invited speaker: Henry Lo)  Slides: PHP  
17.  May 22 (3:00 PM - 6:00 PM)  Team Presentation    


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