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CS 438/638 Applied Machine Learning
Spring 2016

Homework 1
Homework 2 Best Solutions: Iman Rezaei, Tianyu Kang
Homework 3
Best Solutions:
  • Hefei Qiu, Fei Wu, Punit Patel, Vyom Jhaveri
  • Michael Gattozzi, Daniel Manning, Kun Mao, Dhruv Patel
Homework 4
(2nd submission due by 4/21/2016; detailed information is posted at the BlackBoard)
Best Solution: Jie Qian
Term Project (Term Project Peer Evaluation Criteria)
Term Project Phase I : Initial Trial
Term Project Phase II : Progress Report
    Best Teams
  • Iman Rezaei(lead), Fei Wang, Jie Qian, Daniel Manning
  • Deepanshu Joshi(Lead), Xiaoyan Shi, Parth Patel, Ryan Koh
  • Aditya Solge (Lead), Punit Patel, Kush Shah, Vyom Jhaveri
Term Project Phase III


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