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CS 739 Spatial Data Mining
Tentative Course Schedule 
Spring 2011

Dr. Wei Ding

The course schedule is tentative. Actual contents to be covered depend on progress.
Lecture notes can be downloaded through your UMass Online Blackboard Learning System (BLS) account.

Section 01: Tuesday 05:30 PM - 06:45 PM, Thursday 05:30 PM - 06:45 PM Class Number:12457
Web Lab (Science Building, S-3-28)
Weeks Meetings Topic Readings & Handouts Examples & Web Resources
1.  Jan 25  Course Administration    
 Jan 27  Snow Day (class cancelled)    
2.  Feb 1  Snow Day (class cancelled)    
 Feb 3  Introduction to Spatial Data Mining Slides: Introduction to Spatial Data Mining  
3.  Feb 8  Introduction to Spatial Data Mining (continued)    
 Feb 10  Google Earth API: KML Slides: Google Earth API: KML  
4.  Feb 15  Introduction to Pattern Recognition    
 Feb 17  Team Presentation
 Sub-Kilometer Crater Discovery with Boosting and Transfer Learning
Team of Henry Lo, Joseph Cohen and Shun Guan  
5.  Feb 22  Team Presentation
 An Energy-Efficient Mobile Recommender System
Team of Bingchun Zhu, Dung Huy Phan, Hien Le  
 Feb 24  Understanding Transportation Modes based on GPS Data for Web Applications Team of Max Ward, Chung-Hsien Yu, Priyanka Das  
6.  Mar 1

 Introduction to Pattern Recognition (continued)

 Mar 3  Introduction to Pattern Recognition  (continued)     
7.  Mar 8 Examination    
 Mar 10 Term Project Phase II Requirements Discussion (by Yang Mu)
Geospatial Games, Using accurate data to educate and entertain (By Joseph Cohen)
 Mar 15 and Mar 17, no class, Spring Vacation
8.  Mar 22  Probability Distributions    
 Mar 24  Google Earth API: Balloons    
9.  Mar 29   Term Project Short Presentations (10 minutes/team)
Google Earth API: Balloons (continued)
 Mar 31  Google Earth API: Balloons (continued)    
10.  Apr 5  Introduction to Pattern Recognition  (continued)    
 Apr 7  Introduction to Pattern Recognition  (continued)    
April 7, Course Withdraw Deadline
11.  Apr 12  Introduction to Pattern Recognition  (continued)    
 Apr 14  Introduction to Pattern Recognition  (continued)    
12.  Apr 19  Getting Started with ArcGIS Silverlight (By Hien Le) Tutorial: Creating an application using the ArcGIS API for Silverlight

Slides: Introduction to ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight
ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF overview
ArcGIS Silverlight Report (by Hien Le)
 Apr 21  Getting Started with ArcGIS Silverlight (continued)    
13.  Apr 26  AdaBoost    
 Apr 28  AdaBoost (continued)    
14.  May 3  AdaBoost (continued)    
 May 5  SVM    
15.  May 10  SVM (continued)
 ArcGIS Silverlight (by Hien Le)
 May 12  Class Wrap Up    
16.  May 17  Term Project Presentation (6:30 PM - 9:30 PM)    


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