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Selected Publications on Interactive Computation

Dina Goldin, Scott Smolka, Peter Wegner
Turing Machines, Transition Systems, and Interaction (PS)
8th Int'l Workshop on Expressiveness in Concurrency, Aarlborg, Denmark, August 2001

Dina Goldin, David Keil
Evolution, Interaction, and Intelligence (MS Word)
CEC'01, Korea, May 2001

Dina Goldin, David Keil, Peter Wegner
An Interactive Viewpoint on the Role of UML (MS Word)
Book chapter, published in Unified Modeling Language: Systems Analysis, Design, and Development Issues
Idea Group Publishing, 2001.

Dina Goldin, Srinath Srinivasa, Bernhard Thalheim
Information Systems = Databases + Interaction: Towards Principles of Information System Design (PS)
ER2000, Salt Lake City, Oct. 2000

Dina Goldin
Persistent Turing Machines as a Model of Interactive Computation (PS)
FoIKS 2000, Burg, Germany, Feb 2000.

Peter Wegner, Dina Goldin
Interaction, Computability, and Church's Thesis (PDF)
Accepted to the British Computer Journal.

Dina Goldin
On the Size and Computability of the World (text)
For the UMB CS dept. newsletter, July 1999

Peter Wegner, Dina Goldin
Interaction as a Framework for Modeling (PS)
In Chen, et. al. (Eds.)  Conceptual Modeling: Current Issues and Future Directions, LNCS #1565, April 1999.

Peter Wegner, Dina Goldin
Coinductive Models of Finite Computing Agents (PS)
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, March 1999.

Dina Goldin, Peter Wegner
Persistence as a Form of Interaction (PS)
Brown University Technical Report CS 98-07, March 1998.

Other Selected Publications

Jalal Atik, Dina Goldin, Rahul Pathak
UMB-CDB: an Experimental Constraint Database Platform for Spatiotemporal Applications (PS)
demo proposal, submitted to a conference

Jan Chomicki, Dina Goldin, Gabriel Kuper, and David Toman
Variable Independence in Constraint Databases (PS)
submitted to IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

Goldin, D.Q.
Algebraic Constraint Query Languages
Book chapter in "Constraint Databases", in review, Eds. L. Libkin, J. Paredaens, G. Kuper, Springer Verlag.

Goldin, D.Q.
Constraint Query Algebras
My doctorate thesis, Jan. 1997

Goldin, D.Q., Kanellakis, P.C.
Constraint Query Algebras
Constraints Journal , E. Freuder editor, 1st issue, 1996.

Chomicki, J., Goldin, D.Q., Kuper, G.
Variable Independence and Aggregation Closure
15th ACM Symposium on the Principles of Database Systems,
Montreal Canada, June 1996.

Goldin, D.Q., Kanellakis, P.C.
On Similarity Queries for Time-Series Data: Constraint Specification and Implementation
1st International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming,
LNCS 976, pp. 137-153, Cassis France, September 1995.

Kanellakis, P.C., Goldin, D.Q.
Constraint Programming and Database Query Languages
Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software,
LNCS 789, pp. 96-120, Sendai Japan, April 1994.

Talks and presentations

It Pays to be Persistent (PowerPoint presentation) 
3rd New England PL Seminar, Williams College, MA, May 2001

Modeling Interaction with Persistent Turing Machines (abstract)
U. Wurzburg, Germany, Jun. 1999

Formalization of Interactive Computing (abstract)
Brown University, Dec. 1998;
Tel-Aviv University, Jan. 1999;
IBM Haifa Research Center, Jan. 1999

Mathematical Models of Interactive Computing (abstract)
UMBC, November 1998

Constraint Databases: a lecture in honor of Paris C. Kanellakis (abstract)
2nd Int'l Conference on the Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, Cambridge MA, Aug. 1996.

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