Homework 2
Math 114Q
Due Tuesday, September 22

Please write complete legible sentences. Write out the words you use in the unit calculations, using the text and the classroom discussion as models.

You may work on this assignment with a classmate, and turn in just one paper. I encourage you to try. If you do, be sure you both work on all the questions, and both edit the final text. Don't just divide up the exercises.

You may use the Google calculator for unit conversions. Extra credit if you do some conversions two ways - with Google for all the work, or just for the arithmetic.

You will have guessed by now that I try to structure the classes around working problems, rather than lecturing. That will work only if you take the time to read the book in between classes!

  1. Carefully read the posted answers to homework 1. Then write a sentence or two (or a paragraph or two) explaining what you will do differently this time based on what you discovered there.

  2. Common Sense, Exercise 2.9.3

  3. Common Sense, Exercise 2.9.4

  4. Common Sense, Exercise 2.9.6

  5. Common Sense, Exercise 2.9.10

  6. Common Sense, Exercise 2.9.21

  7. Common Sense, Exercise 2.9.26

  8. Common Sense, Exercise 2.9.32

  9. Optional: Common Sense, Exercise 2.9.18

  10. Optional: Read through the Exercises in the Units chapter and pick one or two that look fun or interesting. I'd particularly appreciate work on those marked [U], for untested.