Homework 4
Math 114Q

Due Tuesday, October 13

We start Excel on Tuesday. Bring your own computer to class if you can. I will have a cart with ipads equipped with Excel for the few who can't.V

  1. The first three sections of Chapter 6 are written as Excel tutorials. You can read them while you have your computer in front of you and follow the steps one at a time. (If the version of Excel on your computer does not match the one I made the screenshots from you may have to do a little experimenting along the way.)

    Your assignment for Tuesday is to work through those three sections, making sure that you can do all the things discussed there. I will assume you've done that, and start right on on Section 5 on Tuesday. (Yes, skipping Section 4 for now, because of what we did in class today about mode, median and mean).

    There are no exercises to turn in. What I want instead is a short essay (perhaps a page or two) describing the experience. Was it hard or easy? Brand new or review? Fun or frustrating? Did you get stuck anywhere? If so, how did you get unstuck? (Those are not particular questions to answer, they're a guide to the kinds of things I expect you to talk about.)

  2. Suggest three possible topics for your term paper. For each, write a paragraph or two explaining why you're interested in it and what you hope to discover.

    This should be typed, not handwritten. See the information about the term paper linked from the course home page.