Homework 5
Math 114Q

This homework is due Tuesday, October 20, in class.

We have spent the last several class periods thinking about histograms and Excel. That material is covered in sections 6.1 through 6.9 of the text. Here are the exercises due Tuesday.

  1. Common Sense Mathematics , Exercise 6.14.19. Leave time to print out well formatted spreadsheets. You should turn in a one page printout of your work showing the numbers, another one page printout showing the formulas for the cells containing the numbers and a third one page printout showing the nicely formatted histogram you built. You will also need a word document (or text in your spreadsheet) answering questions (d) and (e).

    If you've been coming to class this exercise should be a straightforward application of things you've learned. If you haven't, you have some serious reading in the text to do to catch up.

  2. Common Sense Mathematics , Exercise 6.14.12.

  3. Common Sense Mathematics , Exercise 6.14.14.