Computing Tools for Mathematics

This course introduces some computing tools important for studying and doing mathematics.

Philosophical goals:

Pedagogical strategies: Technical content: Structure: Lectures, lots of programming assignments, some exams, student projects. This course will probably meet the programming requirement for the mathematics major - it can serve instead of CS110.

Course web page

You are looking at the course web page, which can always be found at Bookmark it in your browser, since you will be visiting often.


The current version is always available at Since the I'm inventing the course on the fly, it's not likely to be up to date. I may use it more to describe what has happened than what will happen.


Calculus I (Math 140)

Where and when?

Class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00AM - 12:15PM in W-01-048.


Ethan Bolker

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e-mail: eb at cs dot umb dot edu
Office hours TTh 10-11 and 1-2 and by appointment.

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