Irish Water Spaniels

Mallyree's Peregrine Took, at 5 months. He's "Pippin", of course, named for Tolkien's Peregrine Took. And Peregrine (a.k.a Cugory) was a chief of the Irish Fox Clan in the early 1400s.

Mallyree's Elanor Rosevelt. Yes, that's how she spells it. She's named for Tolkien's Elanor Gamgee and for Rose the Golden Retriever, her predecessor in our house, as well as for the much and justifiably beloved Eleanor Roosevelt. Now that our granddaughter's named Eleanor, Elanor answers to "Bella".

Elanor and Pippin.

Mallyree's Jethro Tully (died and went to dog heaven). We needed an Irish name; "Tully" sounded right. We borrowed his name from Tully Wakeman, a friend and son of a friend. He's not named after the rock band. Jethro Tull invented the seed drill.

Elly & Tully

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