Software Engineering Projects
Computer Science Department
UMass Boston

Information about student projects from my graduate and undergraduate software engineering classes. I should annotate these listings, indicating which software is in use, or usable. Note: some of the links in the URLs may be out of date, particularly on older projects not being maintained.

PRISM (2002-2003)

The Avon Foundation Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center at Massachusetts General Hospital currently asks each patient to provide information about her medical history each time she visits the Center. The PRISM system will allow her to do that just once, comfortably and conveniently at a computer. PRISM will be web based, easy to use, and secure. The design and testing will pay particular attention to the user's varied cultural and technical backgrounds and the need to comply with ADA guidelines. PRISM will provide secure access and maintain audit trails in order to conform to HIPAA regulations. PRISM design will allow for future features: updating records, porting to a touch screen kiosk and scaling for patient data entry from remote sites.


Client Kevin Hughes, MD

GODS (2003-2005)

Graphical Oncology Diagnostic System, is an application that allows physicians to digitally annotate medical images for diagnostic and educational purposes.


Client Kevin Hughes, MD

Download GODS1, GODS2

MGX (2002 - ...)

Molecular Genetics Explorer provides software simulation that integrates genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology to teach introductory biology.


Client Professor Brian White, Biology, UMass Boston

ReF (2003-2004)

ResourceFinder is an integrated, state-of-the art text-based search and retrieval system designed to meet the needs of the AVON Foundation Center at MGH. This robust application's core feature is that users can store results that have been searched for using a particular keyword for future refeneces. ResourceFinder's competence extends to databases that are also located externally.



Twist (2003-2004)

TWIST (TYping With STudents) is an application that helps teach kids to type. Teachers can track usage and progress, and vary the graphics to suit different audiences and purposes.


Client Lorraine Theroux

Searchlets (2003-2004)

The concept allows a personal website owner to specify which types of things on the web will be interesting to their website visitors, and then provides a mechanism to allow that person to have such dynamic content found and published to their own website on a regular basis.


Client Paul English

EcoFlyer (2003-2004 )

EcoFlyer allowes users to enter zipcode or city name of the area they want to view and the data for that area is displayed. EcoFlyer has features one would expect in a sophisticated mapping application. You can have all the typical functions like creating scrollable/zoomable photo from data that it downloads from web and displaying latitude/longitude at the cursor and much more. EcoFlyer is built on GeoVirgil, which is a free mapping program that automatically downloads and displays data from the Planetary Data Archive at NASA.S Jet Propulsion Lab. With it, you can explore the solar system using the very same data that scientists use. Apart from the features GeoVirgil has, EcoFlyer offers users a versatile and user friendly application.


Client Professor Robert Stevenson , Biology, UMass Boston

KICS (2006, undergraduate )

KICS (Kindergarten Information Control System) is a tool to help kindergarten teachers manage stuff kids do.


Client Patricia Kinsella

TREAT (2007- , undergraduate)

TREAT (Tree Routine/Emergency Action Tracker) is a web application for tracking and managing routine service and emergency requests for tree service. It was designed and built with the Sinergia help desk framework.


Client Marc Welch, the Newton Massachusetts Arborist