Computer Programming and Architecture: The VAX is both a textbook and a reference work for students and computer professionals. Its systems approach helps the reader understand the issues critical to the comprehension, design, and use of modern computer systems. Using the VAX as an example, the first half of the book is a text suitable for a complete course in assembly language programming. The second half of the book describes higher-level systems issues in computer architecture: support for operating systems and operating systems structures, virtual memory, parallel processing, microprogramming, caches, and translation buffers.

This new edition of the book includes:

"Like the first edition of our book, the intention of this second edition is twofold: to teach the architecture and organization of computer systems, and to provide a single reference on the details of one specific computer system, the VAX. Since the first edition, there have been many changes in the field, and we wanted to reflect those changes ... and ... to further develop our conceptual and pedagogical approach, particularly with respect to assembly language programming."

1989 clothbound 444 pages 55558-015-7 from Digital Press, 313 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02158-1626, 800-366-BOOK (2665)