Entity Data Model Sources: pizza_edm

C# does not required separate directories for sources in different namespaces, so for this small system all the source files are in the top-level directory.  The namespaces (in bold) logically partition the sources as follows:

PizzaPresentation:  ASP.NET files and their C# code-behind files, using domain objects via the service API
 Web app version: *.aspx, code-behind files *.aspx.cs
  Console app version: ConsoleProgram.cs
PizzaSystem: Configure singletons for service objects, exposing the service API.
PizzaModel: tool-generated source for domain objects plus additional sources for add-on capabilities for these objects
  tool-generated: PizzaModel.Designer.cs add-on: PizzaOrder.cs
PizzaService: transactional code working with domain objects, implementing the service API
  AdminService.cs  StudentServic.cs
PizzaOrderDAO: use of EDM code to implement needed access to persistent objects
 AdminDAO.cs  PizzaOrderDAO.cs