Hibernate Sources for Pizza Shop System

In Java, unlike C# with its namespaces, the various source packages must own separate directories. Here are the source packages, each linked to its source directory
pizza.config Configuration of singletons for service and DAO APIs. PizzaSystemConfig.java
pizza.presentation.clientserver Line-oriented UI code  SystemTest.java  TakeOrder.java ShopAdmin.java
pizza.presentation.web Java Beans for JSP pages
WebContent JSPs for web UI
pizza.domain Persistent Objects:   PizzaOrder.java, Topping.java, PizzaSize.java, SysTime.java
pizza.service Service-layer code: the transactions for the app actions on the domain objects  AdminService.java, StudentService.java
pizza.dao Data Access Objects, implemented by calling Hibernate: DbDAO.java AdminDAO.java PizzaOrderDAO.java
pizza.persistence  HibernateUtil.java, a small Hibernate helper