IT443 Network Security Administration

Spring 2018

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Course Objectives

This course covers the fundamental principals and concepts in the field of network security. It is a hands-on study of common security problems and solutions. Major topics include network basics, cryptography basics, authentication, IPsec, SSL/TLS, firewalls, and email security.




Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World, (2nd Edition), by Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman, and Mike Speciner.
ISBN-10: 0130460192, ISBN-13: 978-0130460196


Attendance Policy

Class attendance is mandatory, and students are expected to participate actively in class. In case of missed class, students are responsible to get up-to-date with course materials and announcements.

Student Conduct

Students are required to adhere to the University Policy on Academic Standards and Cheating, to the University Statement on Plagiarism and the Documentation of Written Work, and to the Code of Student Conduct as delineated in the University Catalog and Student Handbook. The Code is available online at


Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 offers guidelines for curriculum modifications and adaptations for students with documented disabilities. If applicable, students may obtain adaptation recommendations from the Ross Center for Disability Services, CC-UL Room 211, (617-287-7430). The student must present these recommendations and discuss them with each professor within a reasonable period, preferably by the end of Drop/Add period.


Date Lecture
Tue Jan 23 Course Overview (slides) (handouts)
Thu Jan 25 Network Basics (slides) (handouts) ifconfig vs ip (pdf)
DNS Capture (pcap)
Tue Jan 30 Networking Lab Network Diagram (pdf)
Thu Feb 01 Networking Lab (contd.) Networking Practice Exercises (pdf)
Lab 1 (pdf)
Tue Feb 06 Crypto Basics (slides) (handouts) (class demo)
Thu Feb 08 Crypto Basics (contd.)
Tue Feb 13 Crypto Basics (contd.)
Thu Feb 15 Crypto Basics: Quiz (text) (msgA) (msgB) (signA.sha224) (signB.sha224) (my key)
Tue Feb 20 Authentication (slides) (handouts) Lab 2 - Due March 04 (pdf)
Thu Feb 22 No Class
Tue Feb 27 PKI (slides) (handouts)
Thu Mar 01 PKI (contd.)
Tue Mar 06 Network Attacks (demo) Lab 3 - Due Mar 23 (pdf)
Thu Mar 08 No Class (campus closed)
Tue Mar 20 No Class (conference travel)
Thu Mar 22 Network Attacks (contd.)
Tue Mar 27 Network Attacks (contd.)
Thu Mar 29 Firewalls (slides) (handouts) Lab 4 - Due Apr 13 (pdf)
Tue Apr 03 Firewalls (contd.)
Thu Apr 05 Firewalls (contd.)
Tue Apr 10 Intrusion Detection (slides) (handouts) Lab 5 - Due Apr 25 (pdf)
Thu Apr 12 Intrusion Detection (contd.)
Tue Apr 17 Intrusion Detection (contd.)
Thu Apr 19 Intrusion Detection - SNORT
Tue Apr 24 Intrusion Detection - SNORT (contd.) Lab 6 - Due May 09 (pdf)
Thu Apr 26 Intrusion Detection - SNORT (contd.)
Tue May 08 Final Review (pdf)

Instructor: Dr. Gabriel Ghinita