IT 116: Introduction to Scripting
Class 5

Today's Topics

Tips and Examples


New Material

Reading Assignment

You should read Chapter 3, Input, Decision Structures and Boolean Logic, from our textbook, Starting Out with Python, before next weeks's class.

Homework 3

I have posted homework 3 here.

It is due this coming Sunday at 11:59 PM.

Tips and Examples

Do Not Fall Behind in This Course

Read the Homework Assignments Carefully


Variable Naming Rules

Choosing Good Variable Names

Printing Multiple Values

Numeric Data Types and Literals

Reading Input from the Keyboard

Reading Numbers with the input Function

New Material

Performing Calculations

Decimal and Integer Division

Exponent Operator

Remainder Operator

Operator Precedence

Grouping with Parentheses

Mixed-Type Expressions and Data Type Conversion

Breaking Long Statements into Multiple Lines

Converting Algebra Into Python

Turning a Formula into a Python Program


Class Quiz