IT 116: Introduction to Scripting
Class 7

Today's Topics


New Material

Reading Assignment

You should read Chapter 4, Repetition Structures, from our textbook, Starting Out with Python, before next week's class.

Homework 4

I have posted homework 4 here.

It is due this coming Sunday at 11:59 PM.

Quiz 1

I have posted the answers to Quiz 1 here.

You should have received an email message with your scoring sheet for this quiz.

Let's review the answers.


Escape Characters

Concatenation Operator

Concatenating Strings with Numbers

Printing Numbers

The format Function

Using format with Scientific Notation

Using format to Put Commas in Big Numbers

Specifying Minimum Length for a Number

Alignment with the format Function

Formating Percentages

New Material

Control Structures

if Statements

Boolean Expression

Relational Operators

if-else Statements

Indentation in the if-else Statement

Comparing Strings

Nested if Statements

Testing a Series of Conditions

if-elif-else Statements


Graded Quiz