IT 116: Introduction to Scripting
Answers to Class 3 Ungraded Quiz

  1. What is a statement?
    one or more lines of code that perform a specific action.
    the Python interpreter runs a script one statement at a time
  2. What is a function?
    a series of statements that has a name and performs some task
  3. What is an argument?
    a value given to a function when it is run
  4. Where do arguments appear in a call to a function?
    inside parentheses right after the function name
  5. What is a string?
    a sequence of characters
  6. What is a literal?
    a value written out directly inside the code
  7. Write a Python statement that prints
    How's it going?
    print("How's it going?")
  8. Write a Python statement that prints
    He said "Go away"
    print('He said "Go away"')
  9. How do you create a variable in Python?
    with an assignment statement
  10. What is an expression?
    anything that can be turned into a value