IT 117: Intermediate Scripting
Class 2

Today's Topics

Python Review

Homework 1

I have posted homework 1 here.

It is due this coming Sunday at 11:59 PM.

Completing the Apply Process

A few of you have not completed the Apply process.

You must fix this by going to the see the operators in the Unix Lab.

I will read out the names of those students who have not completed the Apply process after taking attendance.

Bring Your Laptops to Class

You should always bring your laptop to class, if you have one.

In each class I will hand out a Class Exercise, which consists of Python code you must type into a Python script.

Getting the Tools for this Class

There are three software packages you need to install on your machine Most of the work for this class will be done on a Linux machine on the CS LAN,

In order connect from your machine, you will need an SSH client.

If you have a Mac, that client is already installed.

You will find instructions here.

If you have a Windows machine you will need to install an SSH client.

You will find instructions for doing this here.

Some work for this class will have to be done on your machine.

For this reason you need to install Python on your machine.

You will find instructions on doing this here.

You must use Python version 3.5 or above.

Review Classes

This class and the two classes next week will be review classes.

I will cover the material from IT 116 that you need to know for this class.

You should use this period to brush up on your knowledge of Python.


Basic Linux Commands

Interpreted vs Compiled Languages

The Python Interpreter

Python Scripts

Script Specifications

Strings and String Literals




Creating Variables with Assignment Statements


Variable Naming Rules

Numeric Data Types and Literals

Reading Numbers with the input Function

Performing Calculations

Decimal and Integer Division

Remainder Operator

Exponent Operator

Operator Precedence

Grouping with Parentheses

Mixed-Type Expressions and Data Type Conversion

Escape Characters

Concatenation Operator

Boolean Expression

Relational Operators

Control Structures

if Statements

if-else Statements

Indentation in the if-else Statement

Comparing Strings

Nested if Statements

Testing a Series of Conditions

if-elif-else Statements

Logical Operators

Short-Circuit Evaluation


While Loops

Infinite Loops

for Loops

The range Function

Augmented Assignment Operators

Nested Loops


Class Exercise 2

Apply Delinquents