IT 117: Intermediate Scripting
Class 3

Today's Topics

Tips and Examples

Python Review

Reading Assignment

In Chapter 9, Dictionaries and Sets, from our textbook, Starting Out with Python, you should read section 9.1, Dictionaries, before next Tuesday's class.

Homework 2

I have posted homework 2 here.

It is due this coming Sunday at 11:59 PM.

Class Page for IT 116

You may find it useful to look at my materials for IT 116.

I have a web site where I post most of the materials for my courses for the previous semester.

You will find these materials here

I have included this link on the class page for the course.

Go to the index for the Class Notes and search for a topic.

You will find the index here .

Tips and Examples

Class Exercises



Function Names

Defining a Function

Calling a Function


Local Variables

Functions that Return Values

Returning Multiple Values

Standard Library Functions


Accessing the Information in Files

Opening a File

Writing Data to a File

Closing a File

Using a File More Than Once

Appending Data to an Existing File

Reading Files with a for Loop