IT 117: Intermediate Scripting
Class 6

Today's Topics

Tips and Examples


New Material

Reading Assignment

In Chapter 9, Dictionaries and Sets, from our textbook, Starting Out with Python, you should read section 9.2, Sets, before next Tuesday's class.

Homework 3

I have posted homework 3 here.

It is due this coming Sunday at 11:59 PM.

First Graded Quiz

The first graded quiz will be given on Tuesday next week.

The questions from the graded quiz are taken from the ungraded quizzes of the previous week.

Unless I tell you otherwise, you should expect a graded quiz each week.

If you miss the graded quiz on Tuesday you can take it on Thursday.

If you miss it on both Tuesday and Thursday you will get a 0 on the quiz.

Tips and Examples

Use Flash Cards to Prepare for Graded Quizzes




Dictionary Literals

Empty Dictionaries

Getting Values from a Dictionary

Changing a Dictionary Value

Dictionaries Are Not Sequences

Looping Through a Dictionary

Tuples As Dictionary Values

When To Use a Dictionary

New Material

Working with Lists

Adding Entries to a Dictionary

Lists versus Dictionaries

The in And not in Operators

Deleting Elements from A Dictionary

Getting the Number of Elements in a Dictionary

Sorting Dictionary Keys


Class Quiz