IT 117: Intermediate Scripting
Class 17

Today's Topics


New Material

Reading Assignment

In Chapter 10, Classes and Object-Oriented Programming, from our textbook, Starting Out with Python, you should read sections 10.3 and 10.4, Working with Instances and Techniques for Designing Classes, before next Tuesday's class.

Homework 8

I have posted homework 8 here.

It is due this coming Sunday at 11:59 PM.


Let's review the answers to the Mid-term.

Your Current Standing in This Course

If you want to know your grade as of this moment, send me an email.

In performing this calculation, I will assume that your score on the final exam will be the same as that of you mid-term score.

I can do this only for your grade as of the mid-term.

I can't do this for your grade later in the semester.


The SQLite Command Line

Database Structure

Data Checking


Changing Data in a Table

Adding a Record to a Table

Changing the Values in a Record

Deleting Records

Using SQLite in Python

Connecting to a SQLite Database

The SQLite Cursor Object

Running a SQLite Query in Python

Adding a Record Using SQLite

Committing Changes to a Table

Changing a Record Using SQLite

Deleting a Record Using SQLite

Writing Python Code to Work with SQLite

A Python Function to Add an Entry to the enrollment Table

Parameter Binding with sqlite3

New Material

Writing Better Programs

Demonstrating Different Approaches to Programming

An Example Problem

First Approach

Procedural Programming Approach

Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Approach


Graded Quiz